Tanja Simic Queiroz

Tanja Simic, Photo Portrait by Christian StomsVik.


Karin Coper, "Orpheus Magazine" 2010:
Tanja Simic Queiroz stands out with her individuality, technically well managed mezzo-soprano and darsteller actor presence.
(S. Barber: "A Hand of Bridge", May 2010)

Klaus Kraatz, "Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung" 2009:
Enthusiastic audience in Läsikow. Soloists where thanked with big applause.
(Concert in Läsikow July 2009)

Nadine Fabian, "Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung" 2009:
Norma Nahoun, Natalie Perez and Tanja Simic Queiroz delighted the public.
( Rheinsberg Summer Festival, July 2009)

Zlatko Stahuljak, "Vjesnik.hr" 2008:
Tanja Simic Queiroz, mezzo-soprano with beautiful and voluminous voice.
(Pero Sisa: "Sirena", Aug. 2008)

Mark Greenfest, "Brooklyn Heights Press" 2004:
Tanja Simic Queiroz has an oustanding stage presence. She knows how to project her voice that is already rich, expressive, her diction is clear and articulate, her range is well modulated with beautiful even georgeous tome.
(Carnegie Hall concert at Weill Recital Hall, Feb. 2004)